Summer Reading Bucket List 2022

Catching up on my goal and reading the books I bought this year

Kaitlyn Varin


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To say I’ve fallen behind on my reading goal this year would be an understatement. I read no books in May and did not finish (DNF) more books than ever before. I’ve started and not finished more books than I can remember. My mind is going a mile per minute, and the idea of sitting still and reading is laughable.

Here are the factors impacting my ability to read in rank order:

  1. General restlessness coupled with stress and anxiety
  2. Going back to work and prioritizing my other goals ahead of reading
  3. Disinterest in what’s new and hot/the Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist
  4. Library due dates, refer to number one to understand why

After completing my first half-marathon, I’m enjoying a two-week rest period, which means I’m not devoting fifteen plus hours a week to running, strength training, yoga, and stretching. The downside is that I’m starting a new full-time job after the two weeks are up—nine to five, plus an hour commute there and back. I’m hoping a return to commuting will equal a return to reading, but only time (and my willpower) will tell.

My reading goal is a hundred books. I’m currently at thirty-two, which means I’m eleven books “behind schedule.” I set this ambitious goal because I tend to buy books and not read them, and also, I check out 5–7 books a month from the library and usually read them all. Plus, I want to use my downtime doing something I enjoy rather than watching TV or scrolling on my phone. The final reason is I like reading certain shortlists, and without other reading, these tend to get my annual count up to thirty or forty books.

To get back into reading, I’ve made a list of twenty books I want to read this summer (June-August), mostly from my collection, i.e., the books I’ve bought and not read. I’m posting here because I want to hold myself accountable, for real, and update everyone in September. I want to go back to treating Medium and bookstagram like a fun side-job that I’m committed to doing.

The List

  1. Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason*
  2. This Time Tomorrow by…



Kaitlyn Varin

Kaitlyn Varin is an avid reader, who is passionate about health and wellness, personal improvement, and writing. RYT 200.