These 5 simple additions to your morning coffee could benefit your health.

I like my coffee black, plain and simple. Don’t get me wrong, I like all coffee and espresso, including milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, but my morning go-to is a black cup of brewed coffee. For the longest time, I was an overall supplement skeptic. I was confident in…

As illuminated by Charlotte McConaghy’s Once There Were Wolves

Set in Scotland, McConaghy’s fictional novel Once There Were Wolves depicts two problems plaguing today’s society. Violence and environmental degradation. The story is dark, shocking, and gritty, and what should be an uplifting event is flipped upside down and made deeply depressing.

The main character, Inti Flynn, leads a team…

What makes a policy inherently communist and why you shouldn’t use words you don’t know

“You know this is communism, right?” The lady looked me right in the eye as she pulled off her mask for the tenth time. It was a kid’s store, and most of the children who came in were better at keeping their masks on. “Mask wearing, having to wear masks,”…

Reading from A to Z, east to west, and the 80s to the 90s


There are many reasons to take on a reading challenge. One of the main reasons is to expand your current reading horizons, try new genres, and find more favourites. Another would be learning something new, opening your mind, and everyone’s favourite bragging rights. …

Kaitlyn Varin

Avid reader and occasional writer. Passionate about gut health, yoga, and running. Find me on Goodreads or Instagram @kaitlynreadsalot

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