None of the articles on winter running I read warned me about this

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These 5 simple additions to your morning coffee could benefit your health.

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As a morning person, I always thought the earlier I got to work the better

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The case for immersing yourself in something you love

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The four bookish themes I’m ending the year with and reflecting on my 100 book goal

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A worthier adversary already knows every single move you make

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You have a leaning tower of unread books and no motivation to read any of them; here’s what to do instead

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Video meetings can change how you appear to yourself

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The work we’ve done and how much we have left to do

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Letting the traditional novel take the back seat to peruse other forms

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Kaitlyn Varin

Avid reader and occasional writer. Passionate about gut health, yoga, and running. Find me on Goodreads or Instagram @kaitlynreadsalot

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